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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Father's Day Poem Art

For Father's Day, Matt always tells us not to buy anything (as he'd be paying for it anyway, haha!) but of course we want to give him something to show him we love him, appreciate and celebrate him. This year we decided to wash and vacuum his car, bake him some cakes and make him some pictures. I had seen a poem on Pinterest here (I have tried to track this pin to the original source but cannot find it, if you know where it comes from please let me know) and thought it would be lovely to do our own version with Jake and Poppy's hand and footprints. 

So, I found a copy of the poem, which is written by Helen Bush, and asked Jake to help me write it out.  We sat together and read the words and I over handed his hand and we wrote it all down. Jake loved that he was writing actual words that we could read out. He said, "Daddy will love this". 

Then we used ink to make handprints and Poppy did footprints too. Then, I cut it all out and glued it to an old chalkboard (from the 99p store). The beauty of it being on a chalkboard is that we can add doodles and notes at any time too. 

We were really pleased with how it turned out. So pleased in fact, that Jake couldn't wait to give it to him and presented it to Matt the minute he got home; he loved it! I hope it will stay on our wall for years to come... 


  1. Beautiful, love it. Thanks Kat x

  2. How special! It's really beautiful :)

  3. What a gorgeous poem!
    Australia doesn't celebrate father's day till September so will have to remember this for then

  4. This is so sweet! Great idea!


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