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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Summer Sensory Play - Sand Foam

I try to incorporate some sensory play into our day, every day, sometimes natural (like being at the beach, or playing in mud) and sometimes with fun play recipes or sensory play ideas I have found on Pinterest or come up with myself. Once a week I like this sensory play to be an offering of an open ended discovery play session, where we can experiment with different materials and create a new sensory material or play recipe, like our Bubble Dough, 1 Minute Playdough, Homemade Cold Snow, or Modelling Clay. So today I offered up foam and sand, to see what would happen...

 Jake poured the sand into a large mixing bowl... this is just regular play sand.
 Then we squirted loads of shaving foam in! There is just something so irresistible about shaving foam.
 Then Jake mixed it up...

 and it started to turn into a light and fluffy mousse-like-whipped-up goodness!
Jake didn't actually want to play with this much, he just wanted to keep experimenting, but it really was a gorgeous material to play with, and a super exfoliator for your skin!! Haha. 
 So Jake continued to add more sand, and mixed it in...
 ...and it became like very wet sand at the beach, but slightly lighter and airier.

 We did play with this for a while, adding our shell collection to it to scoop, mould (ish) and pile! Then we continue to experiment with more sand based play recipes. You can see a little preview to some of the other things we made below! Ill be sharing more this week!

It was really fun to create all the things we did, but Jake was much more engaged with the process of making and adding ingredients to watch what happened, rather than playing with the outcome. He played for almost 2 hours mixing sand and flour and foam and water together. He had a bowl, a spoon, a jug and a saucepan, and he was totally occupied and so very happy!

Stop by later this week to see how else we played! You can follow on facebook and pinterest for our latest updates and ideas!


  1. This sounds lovely! We are starting an ocean unit soon, and I may just have to include this wonderful sensory play as one of our activities!

  2. Does it disintegrate or otherwise get gross after it sits out for a while?


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