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Connecting with Kids; Have a Picnic

Being asked to have a picnic with my family is never a difficult thing to say yes to! We love picnics and don't have them enough. They make for such a fun alternative to regular meals and create the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together, connecting, talking and being intentionally present. It is even one of our topics in our workshop, Connecting Family through Creative Play (read more about that below!) as it such a great way to foster connections in your family. 

So, after a shop at Waitrose for our weekly food including some Flora ProActive Olive Spread, a fresh baguette and other goodies (you can see all the pictures from our shop here in our Google + album), I put together a very simple picnic basket. 

Cheese and tomato baguettes...
Cheesey pasta salad with ham and tomato, pumpkin seeds and cucumber...
....and mini bowls of fresh berries! Yum! All perfect for sharing together.
We packed everything up and added some last minute extras... 
...sausage rolls! 

But are plans were scuppered somewhat with heavy rain! We decided to go anyway, and parked up by the beach, looking out the dreary day, warm and happy in our car!
We got the picnic basket and shared the food out... 
The children LOVED having their dinner in the car! Small things like this are like adventures for them! 
Poppy loves to show us what she is eating, and often shares it with us. 
Jake was very happy eating all his food up, and talking about how fun picnics are. However, it wasn't ideal having it in the car, we were all a bit restricted and could not freely share our food or sit together properly. So we had a reprise for breakfast this morning!
As the sun shone warmly through our windows we had hot buttered croissants and fresh fruit together on a blanket on the living room floor! Lovely.
Once again the children loved it and Jake was so excited while the croissants warmed in the oven. I love how such a simple act of eating together on the floor creates such happiness for them and me.
We shared the food freely and ate what we wanted, we chatted about the rest of our day (more excitement with a BBQ later!) and Jake told me he loves picnics and loves me, so sweet.
I love how Poppy is looking at her big brother here. :) I love the small moments like this that start the day off so well for us.
Both picnics were super simple to prepare. The first took about 15 minutes, the second about 10 minutes if that. You can make any meal into a picnic and you don't even have to go out, although eating outside in the countryside is one of my favourite things to do and the fresh air does wonders for everyone's mood.
During our workshop, we spend 30 days exploring simple and creative ways to connect as a family; some as simple as having a picnic and others using play, experience, family traditions, art and crafts and lots more. You will receive daily emails, be part of a community of like minded parents and have support and guidance from Gina and I on your journey to creating connections with your children. It starts on the 5th August. Read more about this here. 

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  1. love indoor picnics, so easy to do, normal lunch on a rug. Never tried pumpkin seeds in a salad, will need to give that a go.

  2. I love that you had a car picnic! When my kids were a bit younger one of their favourite treats was 'garage tea'. If we had been somewhere for the day and it was getting late I would let them stop at a garage and buy things like Babybels and crisps and cartons of Ribena to eat and drink in the car :-)

  3. We had seemingly endless car picnics when I was a child. My parents had a car picnic table which slotted in by the window. There was one occasion on Dartmoor when my father had his window open and a wild pony stuck his head in and snaffled the sandwich. Much hilarity.

  4. I love car picnics, great fun. Shame about the weather.


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