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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Crumbly Coconut Dough

This is another simple sensory recipe for some summer fun. We had some coconut milk in the fridge left over from a Thai curry that was going to go off, so instead of throwing it out I decided to see what happened when I mixed it with cornflour (cornstarch).

So I mixed a cup of coconut milk with 2 cups of cornstarch and got this lovely smelling crumbly dough. To start with, it was actually much more dough like, really soft and malleable, but it was super hot here and after an hour it had dried out considerably and become crumbly, which was actually much more fun for my children.
I set up the crumbly dough in a big bowl with tropical coloured star shaped pots, 'tropical' (really not) flower, and some reusable ice cubes to keep it and us cool!

Jake got stuck in first, pressing and squashing the dough to see what it felt like. 
Then he scooped it up into the star pots and lined them up to serve them out.
Then, Poppy woke up from her nap and joined in too. She really loved this activity; she kept smelling it and carrying pots of it around, stirring them and emptying them in little piles.

I noticed how hard her little hands were working; handling and squashing the dough...
... using her fingers to break it up into pieces.

She played it with it for a long time, and seemed to be very focused on her play, just coming over to me to check in briefly occasionally.

It would be great to have coconut shells to use as scoops for this activity! What would you use this dough for?

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  1. Oooo, I'll bet it smelled wonderful. I never would have thought to use up coconut milk in a sensory activity, Kat! Great thinking!


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