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Ice Cream Dough

I have been wanting to make this for ages! I saw it on the wonderful Play Create Explore, and immediately planned it in for some summer sensory play! We finally got round to it this week and it did not let us down!!  Read on! 
 To see the recipe for this simple and amazing sensory dough click to Play Create Explore.
While we prepared the dough we also dyed some short grain rice 3 different colours to make some 'sprinkles'! We did this with food colouring and a little vinegar. 
This was our strawberry ice cream dough mid mixing! It looks just like raspberry ripple! 

 I split the dough in half and coloured one pink (which also smelled like strawberry due to the conditioner) and for the other half I mixed in cocoa powder, so it looked and smelled like chocolate. Amazing!
To play with this dough we bought out our Ice Cream pretend play set. This provided all the tools and props to make this great sensory play work as brilliant pretend play too! 

 I love how much it looks like real ice cream!
 Jake scooped the ice cream into bowls and cones, and sprinkled on the sprinkles!

 We filled up the cone display stand with ice creams...
 admired them...
 and did some serious pretend play eating and sharing the ice creams out!
 Just a note, Jake is 3.5 years old and is old enough to know the difference between pretend and real and did not try to eat this. Im sure the dough would not cause a great deal of harm, but always supervise your young children and be aware of what your child will and wont enjoy! 
 Jake engaged in some lovely sharing. He always enjoys pretend play that involves serving and sharing food and drinks.
 Poppy joined us after her nap, and very much enjoyed scooping up the sprinkles!
 I decided some strawberry sauce was in order too! So mixed some pink food colouring with the conditioner and a little water to make it runnier and we had some lovely ice cream sauce, which Jake very much enjoyed adding to the ice cream. He was also very curious about how I made it!

 When we had finished playing we had some REAL ice cream as a mid morning treat!
 While we ate our ice cream I popped the ice cream dough in the freezer to see what would happen to it. We got it out later that day...
 It had gone very cold, hard and icy, of course!
 It still looked like ice cream and was obviously cold now, so added a good element to the sensory play.  And when it started to melt it REALLY looked like ice cream and was lovely to play with.
I hope you enjoyed this activity! Thanks for stopping by! 
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  1. Ooooo your ice cream dough is gorgeous! My favorite is your dyed rice sprinkles! Thanks so much for the link back :) I'm so glad you guys had fun with it!

    1. I loved the sprinkles too! Such a fun addition! Thanks again for the awesome inspiration

  2. Wow! It is incredible how realistic that looks. What a fantastic sensory experience for the kids :)


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