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Natural Sand Playdough

A few days ago, during our sand sensory play recipe extravaganza, where we made Sand Foam, and Sand Clay, we also made some lovely sand playdough. We used a simple dough recipe (see below), and then added a whole load of sand!
You need:

 2 cups of flour
About 1 cup of warm water
1 Tbsp Oil
At least 1 cup of sand

Mix together and you should have a lovely sandy playdough, with great texture. As with any dough if its too crumbly add some more oil, and water if needs be, if its too wet and sticky add some more flour. 

 The dough should be stiff and hold its shape, but soft and malleable.
Then you can get to the serious work of playing with it! I provided some shells and sea life toys... 
... and some more sand too. 
 Jake quickly began pressing the shells and toys into the playdough to see what happened. 

He had a lot of fun :-)
We extended this activity with lots of sea life imprinting, but I took so many photos that I decided to write it up in 2 separate posts.

This is a lovely sensory dough to play with, especially outside in the sunshine, for beach inspired fun and learning. What's your favourite summer playdough?

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