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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Summer Sensory Play - Reusable Ice Cubes and Water

Here is a super easy activity to set up (and clean up) for your children. Its fun and great for hot weather when everyone wants to cool down. 
Yesterday I bought some reusable ice cubes from our local shop for £1.50! They are just little plastic cubes filled with water which you pop in the freezer then use like regular ice cubes, then when you're done just put them back in the freezer! You can buy these on amazon too - UK readers go here and USA readers go here.
They are quite fascinating on their own too. Jake enjoyed trying to look inside the cubes, and as they started to melt, moving the ice blocks in the water. Poppy simply enjoyed the cold sensation, and spent a lot of time chewing and handling them (must be great for teething! under supervision of course).
For this activity I simply coloured some water blue (with food colouring) in a large plastic tub, and popped the ice cubes in the water. The water was luke warm so when the frozen cubes went in they made a great cracking noise, which the kids thought was exciting, and Jake wanted to know why! (I need to start re-educating myself on science, I think!)
I added some star shaped cake cases that we have for some scooping and pouring. 
 Poppy and Jake both enjoyed this on this very hot day, and played with it for a long time together. I love finding things that the two of them can enjoy together. Please excuse the lack of photos of them actually playing; I just got a new camera and was a bit shy of taking it near splashing water! ;)
After a while, Jake decided to use the water to wash his cars and bikes, and roped Poppy into helping too. Almost all water activities end up like this! Haha! I think I might make Jake his very own car washing kit soon... 

Although Jake really enjoyed this activity I'm adding it to our Brilliant Baby Play series as it is perfect for 6-18 month olds. You can see more baby play ideas here:

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