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Race Car Track Small World

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Jake absolutely loves cars,  real cars, toy cars, films about cars, anything! He has a garage play set and a  LOT of toy cars, but I wanted to set up something else that he could purposefully play with his cars with. We had a Rally go by our house a couple of weeks ago, which he loved, and he has been watching Formula One races on TV, so I thought a race track would be great fun!
Cue the train set that he doesn't ever play with! Haha! The width of the track (which is similar to a Brio one) is perfect for Matchbox and Hotwheels Cars (see the widget at the bottom for these!) Jake built one track and I told him I would build an identical one so the cars had the same roads to race on. He thought this was "Super Cool!"
While I cleared the found some cones for the end of the track he got the cars revving at the start line. We had a couple of races, then inspired by the cones Jake went and found some road signs, trees and the helipad and helicopter and we set up a proper race track!

Jake soon found a problem to solve. What do the cars do when they get to the end of the track? They can't turn around so how do they get back to the start?
Well the helicopter carries them, of course!!
... and pops them back on the start line. :)
After a while, Jake told me the race track needed some work doing to it so he asked me to get the crane, the work men and some construction vehicles and he then spent half an hour doing roadworks on our racetrack, and we even got gravel from outside for digging and dumping. 

Its always great to find new ways to play with existing toys. Here are some links for you for race track play! 

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