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Spooky Spy the Spider Sensory Table

Halloween is pretty low key in our house. I believe in the old, natural celebration of the coming of winter and though I certainly don't stop my children being exposed to the "commercial" halloween I don't encourage it either. However, Jake is at preschool now and is much more clued up to the world around us and thinks Halloween is about scary things and wanted a halloween party... so we zipped to the pound shop  (dollar store) and picked up a few little things to have a little halloween fun. While we were there I found some spider web, little spiders and halloween confetti - perfect for a little sensory table. 
If you have never seen it the spider web stuff is great. It comes in a bag and looks like cotton wool, but you can pull it and pull it, and it all stretches out leaving fibres behind that look like spider web. Its very cool. And a little goes a long way so you can decorate a whole room with it if you so wish. 
So I stretched that over the table in a few layers, and then threw in a big spider and a load of little ones, making sure the little ones were right under and in the web, as well as perched on top. 

Then I added the confetti too and it looked very cool! 
Poppy didn't really know what to make of it... she sort of liked pulling it apart and finding the spiders, but she didnt like the feel of the web getting stuck between her fingers.
 Jake enjoyed it a lot, he found all the spiders, then added some more...
 ... then pulled all the web up, and decorated the rest of the living room with it, before finding the rest of the confetti and throwing that all over the carpet too. :)
 A very simple but fun activity; non messy and interesting to explore the texture of a spider web (its quite realistic).

Here are pumpkins this year too. Jake asked for "just a face like the others we see" (ahh he's starting conform already ;) ) and I did polka dots on the other one, as its super easy but pretty. :)

Happy Halloween and Happy New Year if you celebrate the "old" ways too. :D

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