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Ultimate Gift Guide: Best Toys for Little Explorers, Scientists and Inventors

Im excited to be taking part in the Christmas 2013 Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids! If you go to No Twiddle Twaddle you will find the home page for this guide with over 50 different gift guides to browse through. I am posting 2 different gift guides, one thats based around Jake's (almost 4 year olds) interests, and one around Poppy's (1.5 years old) interests. You can find Loose Parts for Learning and Play here. And here we have the Best Toys for Little Explorers, Scientists and Inventors, with toys for discovering and creating with the world around us for curious and creative boys and girls! These toys have no set age, but I would recommend between 2 and 8 years old depending on your child. 

This post contains affiliate links to ease your shopping experience - UK visitors click the image, USA click the text link. :) 

A small sand or water table, or a purpose built activity table is a great starting point for discover play! You can set up activities, inside and out, fill it with construction toys, sensory items, or make it into a nature table…. USA link

A microscope, perfect for investigating anything really close up!  USA link

A metal detector - ideal for little explorers who love finding treasures and other interesting objects… USA link

A telescope for exploring the night sky up close! USA link

Solar powered 6 in 1 robot. Jake would love this, ideal for learning about solar power and transforms into 6 different models... USA link

A marble run is a fantastic construction toy that also teaches some introductory physics, and a lot of fun. USA link

Zoobs are a great open ended construction toy, with each piece connecting to the others in multiple ways, you can build all kinds of moveable things - Zoobs are especially good for robots!... USA link

… and this car designer kit from Zoobs is ideal for budding mechanics! USA link

A magnifying glass is an essential for little explorers! USA link

Discovering the natural world is the most fun of all! The next few items are all fantastic for learning about creepy crawlies! USA link

No USA link - sorry! 

This Kitchen Science kit is a fantastic for introducing little ones to chemistry. USA link

Explore the solar system in 3D  USA link

These are perfect for the bedroom ceiling. We love these and they have sparked so many questions about the planets. USA link

This is on Jake's wish list and looks fantastic for learning through technology… USA link

 A write on globe… USA link

… and a light up globe. Both great for an introduction to learning about our Earth… USA link

Magnets are totally fascinating however old you are! USA link

Geomags are great for construction and exploring magnetism. USA link here

Jake's often pretending he has a robot hand and building one with zoobs, so we've put this is on his wish list this christmas; it looks great! USA link

Gears are the basis of so many mechanical things! Get those cogs turning! USA link

Making a clock is a wonderful way to explore gears, cogs and mechanisms. USA link

Don't forget to check out all the other fabulous gift guides too! You can also find these lists and last year’s lists on our Ultimate Gift Guide Pinterest board. Be sure to follow it for lots of awesome ideas!
Gift Guides for Kids on Pinterest.

Enjoy your shopping and have a very merry christmas this year! Check back soon for our Christmas bucket list; all the lovely things we want to do this holiday season as a family. Don't forget to check out our other gift guide too - Loose Parts for Learning and Play.

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