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Making Family Connections

You may have noticed I have not posted since the beginning of December. I have been keeping up with the facebook page, but unfortunately I have been so busy with a few other things I have not been able to make time for my blog.

A lot has changed for our family in the last few months. I passed my driving test (woop!), Jake started preschool 5 moorings a week and I have significantly increased my workload as a self employed designer/media & marketing consultant. All of this means that we are out and about a lot more than before, and we have a lot less time to spend at home playing and creating. Subsequently I have been working really hard to make time for and to find moments of connection and quality play with Poppy and Jake. I still do not feel that I have hit my groove or found a good routine with all the new additions to our daily life, but I do want to share some of things that our working for us. As well as telling you the good news that Gina from Connecting Family and Seoul and I have opened up our E-workshop for registration again, starting Feb 17th. You can read more about it here or here.

- The hour after dinner, before bedtime. Its a perfect time to chill out and spend some quality time at the end of the day. This hour seems to be sacred in our household; so much to do - clearing up after diner, making lunch boxes, getting outfits ready for the next days, getting the washing (laundry) on, packing bags, getting the bath run and pyjamas warm and ready…. but actually, if I can either get Daddy to do some of the medial tasks. or get them done earlier (or later) in the day, this hour is perfect to sit down with my kids and build lego (with the 4yo) or mega blocks (2yo), read stories, dance around the living room or do some drawing. In the summer we would use this time for a gorgeous evening walk; with the weather as it is its not worth going out in the cold to spend this time, but it is perfect to do something quiet and joyful with my kids.
- Simplify! I spend many days tidying, de cluttering, putting away….. I would much rather spend this time with my children. But we have a very small cottage and a lot of "stuff"! So, I have an ongoing aim to simplify, simplify, simplify! Im reading Simplicity Parenting and trying to follow the ideas within. I have also noticed that my kids get along a whole lot better when there are less toys and stuff to fight over. This is a constant work in progress for me though as I am a born hoarder.

- Stop and think…. After a busy day (and the night before) of working with Poppy in the office with me, and Jake perhaps has not the nap he needs, by the end of the day it is easy to get to a point where we are all tired and grumpy and its hard for us all not to snap at each other. Pausing for a moment when I get in at the end of the day and thinking about what my kids have or have not experienced, and what they do or don't need has really helped me get perspective about the behaviour, tantrums and their need for love and care. Just stopping and thinking allows me to take a breath and get hold of a better attitude.

- At the weekends - spend some 1 on 1 time with your/both/all of your child/children. We have 2 children and we are 2 parents, so its relatively easy to divvy up our time and get some special time with each of them. Jake so appreciates quality time with me at the weekends, as we lost so much of our day to day time in the week. We go to a cafe for hot chocolate, a walk on the beach, a drive around the coast, to visit the horses near us, walk in the woodlands or stay at home and play a game or build lego.

- In the car. We spend quite a lot of time in the car at the moment, its a great time to have a good chat about Jake's morning at preschool, or what we want to do with the rest of our day. Jake often has lots to tell me about the things he has learned or has been doing, and recently he likes me to ask him "sums", for example, "two and three equals….?", or we play I-spy or make up silly rhyming words together. Being in the car is a perfect time to enjoy some music and singing together.

So those are some of the things that I have been working on lately, while we find our new rhythm and get used to the changes in our lifestyle. How do you find ways to connect during busy times? Id love to do some more creative things too. Im looking forward to running our E-course again from Feb 17th, to remind myself of some of the ways to connect through creative play, and of course to meet and connect with the participating parents from around the world.

To sign up you can read more about it here or here. Or click here. I can't wait to meet you all.

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