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Fantastic First Aid App from British Red Cross

Disclaimer - I was asked to review this App and I will be financially compensated, however all opinions are my own. 

One of the things that I really worry about as a parent of young children is my ability (or perhaps lack of) to administer first aid in emergency and non-emergency situations. Despite having done a first aid course a while ago, I worry that I will forget what to do, or that I will simply panic and my mind will go blank, especially with things like choking, swallowing poisons or febrile seizures, where quick reactions are so vital!

As part of their new #RappedUp campaign the British Red Cross have launched a new Baby and Child First Aid App:

"This free app is packed with useful videos, animations and tips. It provides simple and easy advice, and each skill only takes minutes to learn. You can test your knowledge using the built in first aid quizzes. There is also a handy device to record your child's medication needs and any allergies.”

Once I had downloaded it it only took me about 30 seconds to find the information on what to do if a child is choking, if they have a seizure or swallow something poisonous! The app is so easy to use and the information is so clear and simple to get to that it is perfect for refreshing your knowledge or when you need to know what to do straight away.

The app has some other great features too! It has tests on different first aid issues, and you can get £5 off a first aid course in your area if you get all the questions right.

It also allows you to add a profile of your children where you can list any medical issues or allergies they may have as well as stating emergency contacts for them, which is great!

As well as the Emergency section which gives you immediate concise advice for dealing with a first aid emergency there is also the "Learn" section which gives you more detailed information about illnesses and injuries and how to deal with them, and the "Prepare" section which gives you advice and information about specific situations, such as hot weather, coping with crisis, road traffic incidents and more.

The app also gives lots of other useful information about the British Red Cross and helps you find your local first aid course and book a place.

To download the app click here

From using the app for a few minutes, and reading the information I already feel like I am better prepared and informed to deal with a child's injury or accident, and I feel more confident having the app handy in case of an emergency! To download the app, book a local first aid course, or read more about the #rappedup campaign click here.

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