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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Lego Stacking Hearts

Jake and Poppy both love lego, and they both love things like hearts, flowers, and stars. So when I sat building lego with them and decided to make a heart, they thought it was great and asked me to make lots of hearts, so I did! 

I made some, and Jake copied the pattern to make some more. 

Then Jake realised that you could slot the hearts together as the bottom fit of one heart fit right into the top of another... 

 I then just watched him play and stack them for the next hour or so...

He found many ways to fit the hearts together.  

And then he realised that they even fit together upside down and the right way round! What a great Maths and Science investigation for him! :) 

The patterns and towers are just endless, imagine if you had twice as many hearts! And they are so simple to make, it takes 2 minutes to make one heart.

Jake even realised that he could build upwards and outwards to make different shapes. He loved playing with the hearts and we make them a lot! Poppy always asks for the red and purple ones and displays them in her bedroom, while Jake builds, and re-builds, and is learning to make them without copying now! 

This is my first post back on Creative Playhouse for a while, and its nice to be back! I hope you liked this post; do feel free to share it, and comment below if you've done the same, or similar with lego - its such a good learning tool as well as being wonderful for free, creative play! 

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