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Stories for Life

A couple of weeks ago I received this beautiful package in the post.

I was very excited to open it, who doesn't love getting stuff in the post?! On opening I was even more excited, because inside were 3 gorgeous hard back children's books from Penguin Random House!

I received these books as part of the BritMums and Penguin Random House Christmas Present Challenge, which means I get to give these books as presents this christmas! 

Without a doubt, I knew immediately that Jake (now SEVEN years old by the way, how did that happen?!) would just love Terry Pratchet's The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner. Its full of fourteen fantastically funny stories including pirates, wizards, elephants on wheels, food fights, and mysterious vacuum cleaners!

Next was Clover Moon by the wonderful Jacqueline Wilson. Jake's friend, Sara, who lives back in Jersey is a keen reader and is a curious and adventurous little girl, so Clover Moon sounded like a story she would love to read with her Mum! Clover Moon is about a girl who tries to escape a world full of grief with her imagination, and then a real possibility of escape to a place that really feels like home... 

The third book we received is Tom Fletcher's Christmasaurus - well this could easily be another favourite for Jake, so I think it will probably end up under our tree with his name on it this year, however I think that my 9 year old  nephew would also love this, along with most of Jake's friends! A great magical adventure set on Christmas Eve, with an elf, Santa Claus, a bad guy and an unusual dinosaur! As it is set on Christmas Eve it would be a lovely addition to a Christmas Eve Box, if you do this for your kids. 

Sharing stories at Christmas, well any time of the year, is always wonderful, especially with our children. Books, unlike the fast pace media that saturates our society nowadays, stay with us for life; many of the stories are timeless and wonderful. I have childhood favourites from toddlerhood, to early childhood and onwards; including The Very Hungry Caterpillar - by Eric Carle,  The Owl who Was Afraid of the Dark- by Jil Tomlinson, The Suitcase Kid - by Jacqueline Wilson, and of course, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and The Hobbit by Tolkien.  

The first 3 books I have already shared with my children, but we have yet to read the Narnia books. Jake is now Harry Potter mad, but I am loathe to go past the first 3 books yet as I think he is too young, so it will be great to switch over the Narnia books, and we have just started The Hobbit, and so far he is really enjoying it. I can't wait for the school holidays so we can all snuggle up in front of the fire with hot chocolate and read some more! Yes that sounds cliche', but sometimes cliche is OK, especially at Christmas. 

Massive thanks to Penguin Random House Children's Books for sending these gorgeous books to us. I also have to give a coincidental shout out to my partner's dad, Mr Kevin Clark, who is an engineer for Penguin Random House! :D

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